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Friends of Parua Bay School (F.P.B.S.) – formerly P.T.A.

All parents whose children are enrolled at Parua Bay School are considered to be part of the School PTA, which is now called Friends of Parua Bay School (F.P.B.S.).


Committee meetings are held once a month and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend. The School F.P.B.S. is responsible for fundraising at the school. This provides extra benefits for the children and is also a link between parents, school, and the Board of Trustees.


The majority of the fundraising is done through social activities and helps to create a good community spirit. Please consider becoming an active member of our school F.P.B.S.  Major fundraising efforts in the past have seen substantial purchases of interactive whiteboards for all our classrooms, improvements to our swimming pool and a large adventure playground. In 2016 the F.P.B.S. is looking to purchase more I.C.T. devices for the senior school so that all leasehold computers, which will expire in 2016, can be replaced.


Fundraising events which have been particularly successful in the past have been Parents’ Discos, Quiz nights, Summer Shows, Country Day Shows and in 2016 the F.P.B.S. is hosting the Art ‘n Crafts Show at the Community Centre, for the first time, on Queen’s Birthday weekend.


Core values

A balanced education delivers opportunities for the development of the whole person. Intellectual development needs to be balanced with physical, social, emotional and artistic development.




Our mission is to provide innovative educational leadership to the school community and thereby fulfil parents' and students' expectations of excellent education.