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PB4L is the restorative behaviour model that we use at Parua Bay School to help children resolve differences at times of conflict.


The process allows the children to reflect upon the behaviour choices that they have made and how they can make the situation better for the victim and themselves.


It also involves them in deciding what the consequences of their actions should be.


PB4L can enable students to develop responsibility for their own behaviours as well as providing a consistent format for teachers to use when supporting their students to make positive choices.


Teachers may follow the restorative process within their own classes for minor incidents or seek assistance from senior leaders to work with the involved children in the Thinking Room when issues are deemed more serious.


It is essential for any PB4L model to provide all students with encouragement and  recognition for positive behaviours. Parua Bay provides this through classroom management strategies, The Parua Bay Way Awards and the Whanau Points system.