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Parua Bay School Vision and Logo


The school began a re-visioning process in 2017, which after 18 months of discussion, development and consultation, was embedded into everyday school life. With the school’s obvious location, in the heart of Te Whanga and overlooking the beautiful bay, a theme involving water and navigation became an essential part of the vision and logo.


The Parua Bay School Vision of:



is simple but effective. The logo of the waka, four hoe with Mount Manaia in the background seemed an obvious choice too. The four hoe represent the four school values of Relationships, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility (See Values), and students use and practise these values to empower their learning.


Students and staff are constantly reminded that everyone is on a learning journey, no matter what age you are. The concept of “navigation” tells us that we need a range of tools, strategies and supports to achieve in our learning. Sometimes the learning is relatively easy, and this can be compared to “paddling in calm seas” - spirits are high and success is gained reasonably quickly. However, there are times in our learning when there are challenges which are hard to overcome, and this can be likened to “paddling in rough seas during a storm”. Often during these times, tempers fray and conflict abounds. It is at these times that we need to be resilient and work together as a team to overcome our learning obstacles. We need to dig deep and paddle alongside our teachers, peers and parents to ensure the waka stays afloat.


The Parua Bay School vision is proudly displayed on two large signs at the front of the school and throughout the school in all classrooms and key areas.