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E-Learning at Parua Bay School


New Zealanders are now living in a digital society. Our young people need to be confident and fully equipped to contribute and flourish in the economy of the future. Many of our children are already ‘digital natives’, born into an age where computers, mobile devices and the Internet are so familiar they cannot imagine life without them. The digital world is fast moving and ever changing and we need to prepare our children to adapt to technology and jobs that have not yet been invented. As tomorrow’s business leaders, data scientists, artists, health workers, chefs, engineers, farmers or navigators, creating and developing digital technologies will be a core requirement for success.


At Parua Bay School we are committed to seizing the benefits of using digital technologies as a key learning tool. Our digital technologies curriculum enables students to learn the foundations of digital technologies that will prepare them for their future. We use e-learning tools to help meet student needs across the curriculum and to enhance and support effective teaching and learning. Parua Bay School is committed to developing students’ capability and supporting their growth as digital citizens. We provide each student with the skills needed to become 21st century learners. E-Learning is integrated into daily classroom life, across all curriculum areas using a variety of methods and devices.