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Whanau Groups

Parua Bay School’s 4 Whanau groups (house groups) lie at the core of who the students are at our school. Identity is a key element that we are striving to develop for all students. The 4 whanau groups are: Pakikaikutu, Taika, Manaia and Motukiore.  Each whanau represents a key landmark within our community and each tells an incredible story of the past. To kick start 2019 off, each whanau group visited their whanau location together for the first time. This was a powerful time that helped us build connections to our whanau. All events and achievements throughout the school year give students opportunities to contribute to their whanau group.


Students represent their whanau in a range of competitions throughout the year, including the following events:

  • Term 1 - Swimming Sports, Academic Competition, Waiata Competition
  • Term 2 - Haka Competition, Academic Competition
  • Term 3 - Cross Country, Academic Competition, Poster / Mosaic Competition
  • Term 4 - Athletics, Academic Competition, Gardening Competition


Whanau points are also awarded on a daily basis to students for their achievements in the classroom. The Whanau points tally is regularly updated and celebrated in assemblies, and the winning whanau is awarded the Whanau Cup at the end of the year.