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Teaching and Learning

Collaboration in Teaching and Learning

For the past two years all teachers have been teaching in a collaborative team environment. Students have also been learning in collaborative environments and have been getting accustomed to being taught by different teachers. What des collaborative teaching and learning look like at Parua Bay School? In terms of teaching it means:


  • Teams of teachers planning their themes, units and lessons together

  • Team teaching

  • Mixed sets of students across Year groups catering for individual needs of the students

  • Using teachers’ specific skills for the benefit of all students

  • Teams of teachers evaluating and reflecting critically on their teaching and planning

In terms of learning it means:

  • Students learning in different environments with a range of different teachers.
  • Students learning to relate to different childen in their groups
  • The Key Competencies (managing self, thinking, relating to others, participating and contributing, Understanding language, symbols and text) being consistently promoted.

These are the collaborative teams and teachers:


Years 0-2 – Team Manu (Carolyn Henwood,  Donna Chapman, Melissa Aarson, Amanda Askew)


Year 3 & 4 – Team Awatea (Renay Brown, Deanna Uttley, Barbie Reynolds, Samantha McNeight)


Years 5 & 6 - The Hub (Janette Steel, Kylie Aubrey, Rai Shortland, Jeremy Hamilton)


Years 7 & 8 – The Seniors (Rob Jones, Lynfa Harris,  Julianne Newbold)

Collaborative teaching and learning was one of the Annual Goals of 2017, and so therefore it is becoming embedded into the fabric of Parua Bay School.


If you would like to understand more about “Collaboration” in teaching and learning there are several readings in the Documentation Folder.


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